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Clinical Studies

The second year

The clinical years start from the 2nd year, having completed the pre clinical year successfully.

The Third Year

This provides an opportunity for students to acquire the skills of history taking and physical examination. the students are rotated through Medical, Surgical, and Obstetrics & Genaecology departments in groups attached to clinical units, giving specific responsibilities in wards and OP clinics.

The Fourth Year

The students are rotated through all medical and surgical specialities. Ophthalmology and ENT are given special importance and treated as independent subjects, while other specialities are included under Medicine or Surgery. Compulsory rotation is given in Orthopaedics, ENT, Skin, TB & Pulmonology, Paediatrics and Psychiatry.

Final Year

      The students are given final rotations through Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Paediatrics. In Obstetrics & Gynaecology, it includes a 2 week internment in the Labour Room. The final MBBS examination consists of Medicine, Surgery, Paediatrics and Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Community Medicine

The preventive and community medicine deals with preventive aspects of medical practice and organisation of health care at the community level.   

An introduction to Preventive and Community Medicine would be given during the first year itself. This would comprise of formal lectures and visits to health centres. The early patient contact programmes would enable students to appreciate medical practice at community level.

Medical Education is not only the formal teaching of Sciences of Medicine....     

Though not necessary for the university examinations, certain extra subjects are offered to the students from 1st year onwards, with the aim of preparing them for future examinations and equipping them in advance for future challenges in their professional life

In addition to Statistics and Bioinformatics, these include:
  • Computer assisted presentation
  • Medical writing & publication
  • Public speaking skills
  • Research methodologies
  • Stress management
Medicine & Medical Specialities

General Medicine

      All advanced facilities are available for internal medicine and sub specialities. special clinics for diabetes and thyroid problems provide invaluable service, supported by our advanced laboratories and other diagnostic facilities. Top

Respiratory Medicine

      Full facilities are available for the care of all respiratory problems, including Asthma, TB and other chronic pulmonary diseases. Pulmonary function lab, blood gas analysis and fibreoptic bronchoscopy are also available. Many patients are referred from other hospitals for advanced intensive care and ventilation, as the department has established a reputation for the management of such critically ill patients. Top


      The cardiology Department is fully equipped with Coronary Care Unit, Non invasive Laboratory and Invasive Laboratory

Coronary Unit

      Very modern concepts are used in the organisation of the Coronary Care Unit. Acute Coronary Care unit with advanced colour monitors, colour doppler echo, intra aortic balloon pump and facilities for temporary pacing take care of critically ill heart patients. Patients once stabilised are transferred to Intermediate Care Unit, which is also fully equipped for haemodynamic monitoring. A High Dependency Cardiology Ward is adjacent to the Coronary Care Unit. Top

Non Invasive Cardiopulmonary Laboratory

      Colour Doppler Echo, Transoesophageal Echo and Dobutamine Stress Echo are routine procedures. Exercise Stress Test, Pulmonary Function Test, Ambulatory Monitoring, etc. are carried out by experienced physicians and technicians. Top

Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory

      All cardiac catheterisation and invasive procedures are being done routinely. Balloon Angioplasty with stenting of the coronary arteries, mitral valvuloplasty, permanent pacemaker implantation, cardioverter implantable (ICD) resynchronisation therapy (CRT) are done with excellent results. Primary Angioplasty, Rescue Angioplasty, etc. have become standard procedures with gratifying results. Top


      There are facilities for the care of all types of skin and sexually transmitted diseases. Improved laboratory facilities for diagnosis and skin pharmacy for making individualized skin and cosmetic preparations are some of the highlights of the new developments in this section. Top


      Full facilities are available for the investigation and management of all Gastroenterological disorders. Advanced Digital Video Endosope System is available for both upper GI diagnostic and treatment procedures. Availability of advanced Ultrasound System, DSA, Spiral CT Scan and Digital X-ray provide valuable support to the Gastroenterologist's work. Top


      MM George Artificial Kidney Unit - This six bedded dialysis unit has become a centre of hope for many kidney patients who avail the excellent facilities available here.      The unit also has full facilities to look after critically ill patients with renal failure. Top

Neuro Sciences

      All Neurological problems are investigated and managed. Advanced Neuro ICU, Spiral CT, Rotational DSA, etc. provide invaluable support for the management of patients with acute Neurological problems. Top


      'Rheumatic' diseases represent a very important cause of morbidity, suffering and disability. Very few institutions in India have a fully established Rheumatology department. We take pride in having a Rheumatology service under the leadership of a nationally acclaimed specialist. Top

General Surgery & Surgical Specialities

      Full facilities are available for the management of all general surgery patients. Eleven operation rooms are available in the theatre complex in addition to out patient theatres and emergency theatre in accident & emergency department. There is also a well equipped surgical intensive care unit, with facilities for haemodynamic monitoring. Top

Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery

      All forms of adult and paediatric open and closed heart operations are being carried out. Coronary artery bypass is the most commonly performed operation. Special importance is given to the use of arterial grafts. Intra aortic balloon pumps, biomedicus pump, etc. make it possible to produce excellent results in poor risk cases and emergencies. Mortality and complication rates for open heart surgery are kept very low comparable to the best of the centres in the world. Top

Neuro Surgery

      The neuro surgical department is well equipped to manage any kind of neuro surgical problem.      At present, this is the only hospital in Trivandrum where neurosurgical emergencies could be managed effectively, thanks to the availability of a well equipped neurosurgical ICU, with Spiral CT Scanner and DSA Angiography system adjacent to it. The department has emerged as a centre of excellence, especially in neuro trauma. Top


      The department has facilities for advanced management of fractures using state of the art AO instrumentation and interlocking nailing system. Video arthroscopy with full facilities for arthroscopic surgical procedures is in use and arthroscopy assisted ligament reconstruction procedures are being regularly done. Total joint replacement of hips and knees, spine surgery and limb salvage procedures are being carried out with excellent results. A physiotherapy unit, with qualified physiotherapists, extend invaluable support to the department. Top


      Full facilities are available for all routine urological procedures. The unit has a special reputation for surgery for high risk patients with comorbid conditions and advanced age with excellent results

Gastroenterology Surgery

      A video endoscopy unit with facilities for gastroscopy, scleotherapy, etc. has been established. Very complicated operations for caner of colon, liver, etc. are being done routinely. Facilities for various laparoscopic key hole surgeries are also available. Top


      Madhavi Sukumaran Eye-Foundation-IOL surgery as a day care was first started in the state in 1991. The foundation has emerged as a premier center for comprehensive ophthalmic care in Kerala. The surgical suite has recently been upgraded with the introduction of the latest Zeiss operating microscope. Computerised eye testing, Ocular Ultrasonography, Glaucoma Service, Contact Lens Service and Paediatric Ophthalmology are some of the regular services. Top


      Most complicated surgeries and micro surgeries are routinely done here. Nasal Endoscopic procedures are also done routinely. In addition to routine ENT procedures, special surgical procedures are available for snoring and sleep apnoea. A fully equipped Audiology Lab provides both diagnostic and therapeutic facilities.

Dental Surgery

      The dental clinic is well equipped to carry out all routine dental procedures. There are excellent for Prosthetics, Crown and Bridge work, Orthodontics, Conservative and Endodontic procedures, Periodontics Gum treatment, Oral surgery. A new Maxillofacial Surgical unit is also established. Top

Plastic Surgery

      Full facilities are provided for all kinds of plastic surgery work, including the correction of congenital malformation and various cosmetic surgeries, anti drooling surgery, breast reconstruction, etc. Top


      The department is well equipped with modern anaesthasia equipments, ventilators, etc. The department is actively involved in the care of all critically ill patients in the hospital. The hospital has already established a good track record for the successful performance of complicated surgeries especially those considered anaesthetic risks elsewhere. This is possible because of the experience and expertise of the personnel and advanced life support facilities. Top

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

      The modern labour room has facilities for foetal monitoring, emergency Ultrasound examinations, etc. All routine gynaecological procedures are carried out in the department including investigations for infertility. Various family planning procedures are also undertaken. Excellent facilities are available for surgical treatment of gynaeoclogical problems. Top

General paediatrics

      This baby friendly hospital has now established excellent paediatric services. All facilities are available for the investigation and treatment of all maladies affecting the children. A well organised immunisation clinic is run under the guidance of experienced paediatricians. Peadiatric ICU is well equipped to look after any kind of acute paediatric problems. Top


      This superspeciality of paediatrics deals with babies from birth till one month of age. With facilities for round-the-clock ventilation, cardio respiratory monitoring and one to one nursing, the hospital has the ability to take care of all premature and critically ill babies that are born in the hospital or referred from outside. There are two separate intensive care areas for inborn and outborn babies. The fact that our outborn Neonatal ICU is almost always full, speaks for the quality of care provided in this very difficult area of medicine. Top

Paediatric Surgery

      The department provides expert management of surgical problems seen in infants and children, paying special attention to the physical, psychological and social needs of the little patients. New borns with congenital malformations pose a special challenge. The fully equipped neonatal intensive care unit provides the optimum support for the pre and post-operative care, enabling the ideal management of these critically ill babies. Availability of a full range of paediatric uro-endoscopy and bronchoscopy makes the management of congenital urological and respiratory problems feasible even in the new born period. Top

Radiology and Imaging

      All routine and special X-ray investigations are done and reported under the guidance of well experienced radiologists. Advanced colour doppler ultrasound units provide valuable service to obstetricians, surgeons and urologists. The new Hitachi Spiral CT Scanner, is a very advanced unit with 'state of the science' facilities including 3D reconstruction. Top

Digital X-ray

      For the first time in Thiruvananthapuram, SUT has installed Digital X-ray System. While the new laser camera gives very high resolution X-ray pictures, it is also possible to get 'film less' X-ray on the monitors in Accident and Emergency Department, OP clinics, ICU and theatres. This has revolutionised clinical decision making in emergencies. Top

Invasive and Interventional Radiology

The new Digital Subtraction Angiography system provides invaluable diagnostic help to many specialists. All invasive investigations such as Cerebral Angiography, Renal Angiography and interventions such as Angioplasty of renal arteries, peripheral arteries, etc. are done with skill and expertise.

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