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  SUT Academy of Medical Sciences

  Phone :   +91-472-2587575.


General Guidelines For All SUTAMS Students in College Campus Environment:

    Dress code rules for all M.B.B.S students (2012 - 2015 batch)

    Students should follow dress code from 15 Dec 2015

    Plain full sleeve white shirt (Loose Fitting) with Olive Green Pant, black belt and plain black shoes for boys

    Plain Half sleeve white shirt (Loose Fitting) with Green pant, black belt and plain black cut shoes for girls.

  • Students are expected to wear ID badges, above the waist, at all times (not on book bags, backpacks, or briefcases).:-
  • Students will be clean and neat while on campus.
  • All clothing will be free of profanity, slanderous language, or inflammatory causes.
  • All clothing is best worn with the concept of “modesty” in mind.
  • Undergarments that are visible are considered inappropriate attire.
  • Fashionable hats, visors, caps, sunglasses, and other headwear shall not be worn indoors.
  • The faculty and students believe that proper dress is essential for the students to present themselves in a professional manner to promote a positive environment. Therefore, students are expected to dress in an appropriate and acceptable modality for class and campus activities.

The following items will be provided from the college on the day of orientation:


    2.Over coat

    3.Recommended Books for 1 MBBS

    4.Bone set

    5.H & E pencil,Dissection set etc

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