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  SUT Academy of Medical Sciences


The aim of this medical institution is to mould a new generation of doctors committed to excellence and compassion. Some may become research scholars in the pursuit of new frontiers in medicine; some may become super specialists creating medical wonders; some may become community physicians with the social commitment to improve the standards of health of ordinary people. Whichever area they choose to work and whatever specialty they choose to practice, the graduates of SUT College of Medicine would retain their basic commitment, excellence in care and compassion for fellow human beings. At, you can find resources and materials to help you become the best doctor you can be.

Click here for New Dress code rules for all M.B.B.S students..

Click here for The following items will be provided from the college on the day of orientation together with helping students in need to do my project for me for free.

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Alumni registration provides option for old students of SUTAMS..

SUTAMS to register themselves, search their old friends, find the best helpers to deal with do my essays requests etc..
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